It’s Way Too Late… So I’m Sure This Blog Wont Make Sense

It really frustrates me how many women are induced. I just had a friend of mine tell me “I’m being induced tonight at 10pm! I’m so excited!” Personally, I would be scarred if I were being induced tonight at 10pm… because that means there’s something Wrong With The Baby! THAT’S the only reason someone should be induced. It’s not there for your or your doctor’s convenience. It’s not there because “I’m so fat and I don’t want to be pregnant anymore!” Your baby will come out when it’s ready! Do Not Force It!

Now that I’m done with my soap box. I just stayed up way too late trying to finish the last achievement for the Lunar Festival on WoW. The festival ends today, so I needed to get it done. I have to get up for a doctors appointment in like 4 hours. Oh well, it makes me happy.

Damnit! Why can everyone know what I know! I’m done.


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