Finally Feeling A Bit Better

My cold is getting better. Sadly, Curtis is sick now. I don’t like seeing him sick. He wont really take medicine either. It’s cute that he still worries about how I feel when he’s sicker than me now. I loveses him. This is really the happiest I’ve been with our relationship. I think the biggest difference for me with being married is the fact that I don’t feel that constant pressure about getting married. I don’t have voices in the back of my head asking why we’re not married yet.

He’s also really taken to the baby stuff. For a while he seemed upset whenever I brought up baby stuff. I don’t blame him, it took me some getting used to also. Now he seems genuinely happy about it. I put together the playpen and floor mat the other day. Curtis tried out the floor mat. It was cute.

My aunt who lives in Texas came to the baby shower. I was really happy to see her because I didn’t think she would be able to make it. She was texting me that day asking if I got her gift in the mail yet. She was sneaky. I wish I would have hung out with her more while she was in town. He has a cocker spaniel too. Her name is Katie and she’s fat. lol. Katie couldn’t fit into a sweater she had anymore so my aunt gave it to me for Kerri.

Curtis’s dad thoroughly hates this sweater. It makes Kerri warm though. Kerri is in the crate right now because she snaped at a guest. I really wish we could do something to make her not snap. Maybe we should get a muzzle for when guests are over. Muzzles are so sad though.


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