We bought the crib. I’m excited to put it together. Honestly, I’d be in the room screwing (teehee) and assembling right now if Curtis wasn’t doing homework. He also interjects that his parents’ room is right above ours and it would be too loud at 11 pm when they’re asleep. Pshh… who sleeps at 11 pm?

I have made a list of things that I need to do before the baby is born. It’s crazy that we’re already down to list-makin’-time. I think I’m starting to transition from the Holy Crap We’re Having A Baby OMG I’m Going To Break It phase to YAY Baby Come Out And Play With Me phase. I’m worrying less and less about the whole process of giving birth and thinking about how awesome it is that I’m going to have a little girl to dress up. EASTER!!! I’M GOING TO DRESS HER UP FOR EASTER!!! Curtis thinks I’m crazy. I probably am. I’m still hiding the damned eggs and then helping her find them. And taking pictures.

I need to work on the birth plan. I will probably do that now.


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