Wedding Photos

I’ve decided to take a moment while I’m waiting for a raid to start to post some of my favorite wedding photos.

My bouquet was made mostly of daisies because that’s what Curtis got me for prom.

This is our awesome cake. Looks like Alice In Wonderland. Wedding colors were sage and black… obviously.

I love those earrings. My mom wanted me to lock them away for safe keeping, but I wear them when I wear pretty dresses.

That’s totally my mom in the background. lol

Our first kiss. Aww…

This picture turned out perfect.

It was windy.

I’m happy we picked out our own rings. They’re awesome.

This bridge is neat too.

My veil was falling off right here.

I show way too much gums…

It looks like he is trying to choke me with cake.

Starting from the left: Tiffany (my step sister), Fay (my mom), Krystal (Tiffany’s daughter), Barbara (my aunt), me, Teria (holding Squeed. my friend), Jen (Tyler’s girlfriend), Shelby (my friend).

Starting from the left: Scott (Curtis’s friend from childhood/highschool), Tyler (Curtis’s friend from highschool), Alex (our friend from highschool), Lance (one of our good friends), Curtis, Erich (our friend from high school), Eric (our friend from high school), Justin (one of our good friends), Andy (my brother/good friend).

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