Formula Samples

You can tell how livid I am by the fact that the first presidential address to congress is paused on my TV so that I can blog.

I receive a lot of mail at my mother’s house because for a while there I was signing up with that address for everything because I figure she’ll be there a long time. Of course, being pregnant, I have received various pregnancy/baby advertisements, coupons, etc. in the mail. Just a few moments ago, my mother text me to tell me I received formula at her house. NOT a coupon for formula, ACTUAL FORMULA. I am livid.

Don’t get me wrong, formula is a great thing. I understand that the majority of women will give it to their children at some point in their lives. I Am Not One Of Them. Blah blah blah you never know what could happen and what if my milk doesn’t come in or what if blah BLAH BLAH. My current plan is to breastfeed–that is that.

Now what makes me so frustrated that I received OMG REAL FORMULA in the mail is the fact that as a first time mother, and therefore (most likely) a first time breastfeeder, I know that it will be difficult. I know that there will be a night when the baby wont stop crying and I can’t get a good latch and I just want to Give Up. I am much less likely to ACTUALLY give up if I don’t have THE STUFF SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. This is specifically why I am So Happy that my hospital (University of Utah Hospital) is a Baby Friendly Hospital. They wont give me formula or pacifiers or yadda yadda because of this EXACT reason.

I wouldn’t be angry at all of I got this because I asked for it, but I have not asked for ANY coupons/promotions/etc. so why are you sending me product? I plan on calling and having myself removed from their lists. As for the formula, my mother is going to give it to my step-sister-in-law because HER hospital was very un-baby friendly and pretty much told her breastfeeding was stupid, so she uses formula. God I am so done.


One thought on “Formula Samples

  1. yeah i agree i was going to breast feed as well and the hospital or whoever gave out my e-mail address they sent me all sort of stuff and i never asked for any of it, so i totally understand its frustrating with people always trying to pressure you to bottle feed when everyone knows its healthier and better for the baby to breast feed…. good luck with it all…

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