Crib And Such

We finally put the crib together. It’s SO CUTE!

I like it a lot. I still need to do a little more decoration stuff, but her room is done. Really it’s just a little section of our room.

I also finished one of the quilts. The other one just needs a backing. I’ll post pictures after I wash them. I was thinking of selling one of them on Etsy, but Curtis says I shouldn’t because I made it for Peanut. She has so many quilts though. Really if I could sell those quilts for 40 dollars, that would be at least 15 in profit. Maybe I’ll just make another one specifically to sell. It would just suck if it never sold. I wish I could bring in some money though. I feel like I’m so useless at home. And money is stressful.

I’ve been trying to cross things off my list. I packed my bag, froze all the food for after the baby comes, bought the cloth wipes, found a rocking chair, plucked my eyebrows (yes that was on my list!), and vacuumed. I still have to finish the second quilt, start the scrapbook, make/buy more cloth inserts, finish my Bradley reading, finish the birth plan, install the carseat and get it checked, clean the shower, clean bunny’s litterbox, and find a pediatrician. I don’t think I’ll necessarily get it all done and some things are more important than others, but I like having lists.

Wow, this has been kind of a babble post. lol


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