Puter Come Back!!! I Lovesess Yooooous!

Yeah, you heard it here first, mah computer bit the dust. No funeral yet though, we’re going to fix it. “We” meaning Lance of course. He can’t look at it until Thursday though with all of the school work he has, so I’m borrowing Justin’s desktop. It doesn’t have the WoW expansion on it, so I’m downloading that currently. I also have to get all my mods. Lame!

I finished the “nursery.” Nursery is the term we use for the section of our room that will be hers.

I also worked on diaper inserts, which I really think I’m getting the hang of now. I’d like to try more fabrics, but for now I’m making 12 with 3 layers of microfiber covered in a cut up cloth diaper. I hope that this all goes well.

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