OMG I’m A Mom!

As I sit here typing this blog, I have a 6 day old strapped to my chest with my Sleepy Wrap. She loves to be on my chest and so this thing is great.

She is wonderful. I wont say that I haven’t been frustrated at times, but I’m so amazed that I can love this little thing so much so quickly.

She is breastfeeding wonderfully. She was having some spit up problems in the beginning, but now she just does it a little. My milk has come in with a vengeance.

We had some problems with her sleeping at night. I’ve pretty much figured out that she needs to feed and then fall asleep on me. This means we’ve been sleeping on the couch. I’m kind of scared about her sleeping on me because she’s on her stomach and there’s blankets around and stuff, but my mom said she did it with me and my brother all the time. I just gave up trying to go to the bedroom last night and we actually got like 8 hours sleep (of course we woke up every few hours for feeding).

She has bacteria in her eye that the pediatrician gave us eye drops for. He said it’s not a big deal at all. Her skin is peeling around her eyes because he said the white blood cells go to her eyes and then she cries them out and they eat her skin. He also told us we need to start giving her vitamin D since I’m breastfeeding exclusively. And she sneezes and gets the hiccups a lot–both are normal. Also, she was born at 7 lbs 4 oz. At discharge she was 7 lbs even. Monday (3 days old), she was 7 lbs 2 oz. Tuesday she was 7 lbs 6 oz (not sure about this measurement… seems like a lot).

Her cord fell off yesterday. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t exactly want to keep it, but I don’t want to throw it away either. We were doing disposable diapers until her cord fell off and were going to continue to do them until she gets to 8 lbs, but I tried one on her today. They’re cute.

As for me, I feel pretty good. My stitches itch a ton. I’ve only cried a little and it’s mostly when I really want to go to sleep at night. I also feel a little overwhelmed when we try to leave the house. I think that’s pretty normal. I also wish I had more Curtis time. It makes me sad that we can’t cuddle at night. We can both fit on the couch together though. Holy crap my belly is shrinking fast. It’s at about a month (of pregnancy) per day. If I went in public right now, people probably wouldn’t even think I was pregnant. I’m trying to watch out for depression though. Everyone around me is. I think I’ll feel even better once I can go on walks outside. The weather has been bad though.

Over all, things are good.


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