Random Things To Get Off My Chest

I’ve been weepy lately. I don’t think it’s anything serious. I just almost cry during silly parts of shows or if people say things that my silly brain counts as confrontational. And if someone asks me if I’m okay or Curtis realizes I’m getting my “I’m about to cry face” I start bawling. It’ll be okay.

I feel really conflicted. Part of me wants to have a break, but part of me doesn’t trust anyone to take care of her correctly. Part of me wants to be surrounded by people, but part of me wants to be alone with her. Part of me wants Curtis to spend more time focused on me and the baby, but part of me wants him to play games and what not so he’s happier.

I wish there was something I could do to make things feel normal and fixed just for a minute. Curtis says I should let the grandparents watch her while I take a nap or bath, but I don’t know what I really want.

I’m worried about Curtis with school. I know he’s not keeping up with his school work. I think him talking to his teachers kind of backfired because the only class he seems to do homework from is the one that hasn’t been working with him on assignments. I don’t want him to fail any classes.

Now let’s see if this iPhone app actually posts this blog.


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