I’m ALONE?!?!

It’s a blessed moment. Everyone (this obviously can’t include Bunny, since she is in her cage) are asleep in the room. This means that not only am I on the computer for the first time in DAYS (all blog posts have been made via iPhone), but I’m not bouncing a baby on my lap whilst trying to type.

Yesterday was a bad day. She has been super fussy since getting her Hep B shot (we’re guessing she’s just feeling flu-ish) and yesterday was no exception. She was crying and crying and OMFG CRYING. After going to the midwife in the morning (where everything seems to be a-okay), my mom picked us up and took us to breakfast. Then we went and saved my Aunt because the car broke down. My mother was furious with my Aunt, but it turns out that maybe the place that rotated the tires and such the other day might have “put it back together wrong.” What the fuck? Anywho, after all this excitement, I voted to go home and nap instead of going grocery shopping. Of course, by the time that we got home, happy-napping-baby was no longer happy-napping. So with some frustration, I gave up and went and got my prescriptions. Then I went to my mom’s, handed over the baby, and went and soaked in the tub for an hour. That was pretty kick ass.

While I was in Salt Lake yesterday, I decided to go get my iPhone checked out. It has been weird with not sensing me touching it sometimes and I dropped it the other day and so it had a funny line going across the screen. Apple is fantastic and replaced it even though the diagnosis was inconclusive (yay buying an expensive warranty!), but the problem is I have to update my phone to my computer to get all my info back… my computer which is broken. So now I’m super ansey to get my hard drive info all back in it’s place.

I am officially not making sense any more. PICTURES!

This is my poopy face.

This is what we call the “drunk on bewb” face.

Nom nom nom!


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