Please Stay Asleep

Dea has been awake for the last 6 hours. She has been crying and crying. I think the reason she was crying is because she needed to go to sleep, but was fighting it. She finally fell asleep, but who knows how long it’ll last.

I was reading in a magazine about how many couples are unhappy with their marriages after they have a baby. They said the biggest reason is division of duties.

I am actually very happy with my marriage. I believe part of the reason is we make sure to have little bits of us time. And though I take on the majority of the child-rearing duties, I’m okay with it.

The only thing that upsets me is his schooling. I wish that he would spend more time getting his schoolwork done. I don’t like him procrastinating and then staying up all night. But this is how he’s always been and how I’ve always felt. And I do get kind of frustrated when he comes home and ignores his homework while he plays games. Again, how it’s always been.

As an over all thing though, I’m very happy with my marriage.


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