Swing Swing Swing

We bought Peanut a swing.. I think she likes it. She smiled so big at me earlier today that I thought I was going to cry. It feels like she’s a real person now.

I’m amazed at how happy I’ve been feeling. I figured I would get major Postpartum Depression, but there’s no signs of it yet. I do feel kind of lonely. I just wish I had friends to hang out with. I mean, there’s the boys, but they’re not into the whole baby thing too much. Then my mom hangs out with me on her days off, but I feel like I don’t allow her any time to relax. Then Curtis is fricking awesome. I mean, seriously, I won the friggin’ lottery when it comes to husbands. He’s not home as much as I am though. I wish I had friends that were girls. Them having babies would be cool too, but oh well.

I want to work out. I really want to get on an eliptical and go at it. I should get a gym membership. Those cost money though. We don’t really have money right now.

Here’s some pictures of Easter and such!

Peanut in her pretty Easter dress before she peed all over it.

Great Grandpa Ed holding Peanut.

Great Grandma Jo holding Peanut.

Grandpa David holding Peanut (he has to wear a cloth over his clothes because smokes).

Four generations.

Peanut makes funny faces first thing in the morning.

Kerri wanted to be in the pictures too.

Peanut got a pretty bow!

She likes the Baby Einstein toy.

Lounging outside.


2 thoughts on “Swing Swing Swing

  1. I wish we would have gotten Curtis and my Grandma in the four generations picture. We’ll have to do it again.

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