Our First Trip Out Without Peanut

Last night we went to see Franz Ferdinand. Even though it was really hectic and I was Oh My God Freaking Out before we left, I am so happy I went.

We woke up at 7:40 to go to the midwife. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since birth (only 2 in the last two weeks…) and pretty much everything I brought up in the visit was considered normal. I do need to go see a chiropractor though. After the midwife, we went and saw my dad. He loves Peanut so much.

With an already exciting day under our belt, we came home to prepare. The grandparents upstairs were the ones watching Peanut, so I really shouldn’t have been FREAKING OUT so much, but I worry. We brought up every thing they could possibly need and then I left (20 minutes late). Curtis and I went to the (fantastic!!!) concert. We had a bunch of fun. I hear Peanut was awake pretty much the entire time and they ran out of breast milk right before we got home (thank god). Overall, it went well. I’m really happy we took some time to ourselves.


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