Can You Have Too Much Grey?

I would like to start off the post with the word “grey.” It bothers me that is can be spelled grey or gray. It also bothers me that my blogger is telling me grey is incorrect.

Peanut and I have been having mucho-funzo with our Sleepy Wrap. Serious. Godsend. Here is a horrid picture of us in the wrap. I’ve found that I’m never happy with pictures I actually try to take of myself.

Peanut has learned the wonders of mimicking. I stick out my tongue a few times, then she copies me. It’s quite wonderful actually. Though it does bring me to contemplate “When did Peanut turn into a baby?” She coos, she stands (with help), she smiles. It’s lovely.

In other news, we got Peanut’s birth certificate. And *drum roll please* they messed up. Can I say I’m suprised? No. Disappointed? Probably. So apparently Curtis delivered her (Birth Attendant: Curtis Lindstrom, Other) and it was even in West Haven (the city we live in), but it was at McKay Dee Hospital. For those of you who don’t know, that hospital is in Ogden. This is the hospital we went to after the delivery, but she was very much not born there. (see this blog) And, of course, it is incredibly difficult to get such information altered. Must have both parents signatures AND they must both be notorized. We’re going to just go into their office instead… assuming we’re allowed to do that. I did find it quite amusing that they ask why this change is necessary. Umm… because it’s WRONG? lol


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