I started school Monday. It’s amazing how difficult it is to leave her for a few hours twice a week. I have to pump, we have to worry about bottles, she cries the whole time I’m gone. And I’m going to be gone even longer once my second class starts.

I do think this has given Curtis a new insight though. I don’t think he ever thought it was easy to take care of her, but I don’t think he realized how time consuming it really is. He told me yesterday that he understands why I never get on WoW anymore.

I’ve always been an excellent student, but with taking a semester off and my mind being focused elsewhere, it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things. Even more so, we’re not supposed to use cell phones in class so my mind is worrying the whole hour and a half I’m there. Stupid college professors that act like High School teachers.

And the kid that was “introducing me to the class” said “she’s JUST a stay at home mom.” Why did he look so confused when I didn’t sit by him again?


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