Oh, The Joys Of Laundry

Laundry, laundry, laundry. It’s the one thing that must continue to be done even when the world around you has gone awry.

As many of my childless peers do not know, babies=Holy Crap Laundry. Srsly, I wasn’t aware that I could have this much laundry. So, with my Post Giving Birth In My Fricking Bathroom Brain, it was difficult to remember when I might or might not have started some laundry. Since we are currently living in my in-law’s basement and they are strategically placed near the appliances which clean my clothing, my mother-in-law often helped with the laundry.

At first, I felt bad. I tried to finish my own laundry, but alas, I forgot. I resorted to setting a timer on my phone. This is when I found out our washer is a dirty, mischievous liar. It claims that it takes 52 minutes to wash clothes, so I set my alarm for 1 hour. After the alarm going off and me dinking around for a bit, I go upstairs only to find it has “8 minutes” left. Dirty, mischievous liar.

So on she went with finishing my laundry. She even folds the clothes! And on I went feeling distraught that she was forced to do my laundry. And on she went saying she didn’t mind. It kind of became our “thing.”

Today, I had a genuine plan to switch the laundry before leaving for class. Of course, being the Lindstrom I am, I was running late. I realized when I was half way to Curtis’s work that I forgot, so I called her and asked her to switch it over (mostly to be polite). She was a little short over the phone, but I figured that she was just busy. Then I come home to unfolded laundry… so this begs the question, is my mother-in-law mad at me?

On a semi-related topic. Curtis was changing a diaper today and Peanut pooped all over the changing mat. This results in more laundry, but it also results in ROFLMAO!!!


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