Never Talk to a Newly Postpartum Woman About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is like a mean uncle (not referring to anyone in specific. I actually only have one uncle and he’s through marriage to my favorite aunt and he’s pretty awesome). You’re grumpy to him when he’s around, probably speak ill of him, and kind of wish you didn’t ever have to see him again. Then he dies. You’re probably sitting there thinking “good riddance” (if you’re anything like me) and wondering why everyone else is talking about how glorious he was and how much they miss him.

Then after a while you start to feel sad. You miss that dear uncle and feel that only if you had a second chance, things might be different. Let’s say–for the purpose of this analogy–you could bring him back! So you bring your glorous(ly mean) uncle back to life (not in the zombie way) and you’re so happy. Yay uncle is back! Wait… little did you know–after putting him on a pedestal in your little head–he’s still an asshole.

Yes, pregnancy is a wonderful, miraculous thing! Yes, I wouldn’t take back being pregnant for the world! I mean, at very least it brought my little Peanut to me. Part of my longs for the days when I could carry her around with me where ever I went, never having to be seperated. Part of me misses feeling her kicks inside of me. Part of me misses feeling like the superwoman who could create life. But now, at least for the time being (we do plan on having other children), the biggest part of me says thank goodness I’m not pregnant any more!!! So that’s it. Don’t talk to me about pregnancy for a while, at least if you don’t want to hear about how much it sucked!


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