Yeah, I’m on it again. I know what you’re thinking “Geeze, does this girl talk about anything besides her breasts? What is she? I pervert?!?!?!” Well I assure you, I am not a pervert. It’s difficult for the non-breastfeeder (whether formula feeding or no children) to understand that this is what I spend the bulk of my time doing. I probably breastfeed more than I sleep. Seriously.

So moving on with the discussion. Breastfeeding in public was something I was never planning on doing back in the days of pregnancy when I didn’t understand that this thing takes over your life! I was sure that I would just plan my outings based on the last time I breastfed and then get home before she’d need to eat again. HA! When this child wants to eat, she wants to eat NOW and that’s very, very often. So, to my former-self’s dismay, I now breastfeed in public.

For the first few weeks, I would hid out in my car or a changing stall (never the bathroom, thank goodness). After that I had a pretty little blanket my mother-in-law made for the baby shower, but after it started getting warm outside and Peanut started to wiggle, that was no longer an option. Then about two months ago, my mother bought me this which is really a wonderful contraption and I still use it… sort of. As of a couple weeks ago, Peanut hates it. She kicks, flails her arms, and thrashes around every time I put it over us. I don’t entirely blame her, who wants a blanket put on their head when they’re eating in 90 degree weather? Though it has caused some problems for me.

I started nursing without a cover in the theater. I was frustrated that I couldn’t see to get her latched so I just took the damn thing off. Curtis gave me one weird look and then continued to enjoy the movie. After that, I went to La Leche League in Salt Lake (much bigger than the group down here) and everyone was nursing without a cover, so I did it too. Then a few days ago I was at my parents’ house and Peanut wasn’t feeling very good, so she wanted to nurse constantly. I got tired of all the thrashing around, so I took it off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still modest about it. I don’t go shove my breasts in anyone’s face and when I’m feeding her you can see less than you would at hooters… hell, than the local mall. I still plan on covering up in situations that I feel it is necessary assuming she’ll let me. Seriously though, what’s the big deal about this? I’m just feeding my daughter. If you’re going to make such a big deal about it, I hope you make a big deal when you see someone feeding their baby with a bottle too.


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