We Are Infested

Yes, we are infested with flies. It seems that no matter how many fly massacres we do, they persist.

When we started seeing flies, our first thought my Aiku’s litterbox. She uses that thing a ton. Literally, I think she may have totaled a ton of excrement thus far in her life. Once last summer, we did have a gnat infestation that we later traced to her litterbox. We emptied it and the infestation continues.

Next we’ve gone to house cleaning. Yeah, yeah, my house should have been cleaner than this. Not like I just had a baby in my bathroom or anything. At least that part is cleaned up, right? So I haven’t been as tidy as I should have been. We cleaned all of the fly-friendly places to no avail. Took out the recycling, cleaned the kitchen, did the laundry. My house still isn’t spotless, but I’m not seeing anything that is screaming Flies! I love you! Please come live in meeeeeee!!!

So, I’m unsure of what to do next. I’m hoping that you, dear internets, could help me with this one. I’ve tried googling things and beyond cleaning my house or spraying chemicals everywhere (which I’m totally not cool with) I don’t know what to do. Halp!


One thought on “We Are Infested

  1. There are a lot of home-made fly traps that you can build with a 2-liter bottle and some sugar water. Basically cut it in half and place the top part upside down in the bottom part so that it feeds down into the bottom half of the 2-liter. Then just keep some sugar water or something in there. Most flies get stuck in there. Using some soap in with the sugar water helps too.

    You can also try hanging a plastic bag filled with water – The bag will magnify everything around it so that it will scare the flies away.

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