School and Nursing in Public

This semester, I am taking 3 online classes. One of which is U.S. National Government and Politics.

On the discussion board, we were told to introduce ourselves. Since this is a politics class, we were also told to “Tell us about you as a political person… What would you do if you could pass one federal law or constitutional amendment?”

Obviously, I chose breastfeeding. My original post said


Mostly there was support and some ooo’s and aww’s at the fact that breastfeeding is my choice for a law to be passed. I was surprised at the lack of controversy… until

I will admit, I got a little red in the cheeks at this one. It’s very difficult to contain my anger when someone is so blatantly against something that I am so very for. I quite often go on defensive mode, which is something I am trying to prevent. When you start screaming at someone they’re not going to take your argument seriously.

So I read this post to my husband (a very calm and logical man) along with the post that I wrote and he didn’t tell me I’m a crazy woman who’s going to offend the world. This either means that he approves or that he wasn’t paying attention. Either way, my post is posted for the world to see!

I feel that this is one of the most well thought out arguments I’ve given for nursing in public. I quite often–especially in person–get flustered and lose my words. I feel very proud of myself that I didn’t lose my cool and I gave my points without sounding defensive. And her response confirms… kind of?


I hope that I at least gave her some good reasoning for mothers not covering up when feeding their children. It is my sincere wish that the next time she is out in public and sees a mother trying to feed her child that she will understand and possibly say something that causes the people around her to understand. Maybe, in a perfect world, her children will grow up knowing that breastfeeding isn’t dirty and that mothers don’t need to hide. Of course, this is not a perfect world so Lactating Girl will fight on!


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