Variation of Lactating Girl

My friend drew Lactating Girl for me and I love the work she did, but I had one minor problem with it–the pacifier. I don’t use pacifiers and they don’t exactly promote the best breastfeeding relationship (though I know many breastfeeders who use them and love them) so I made one without the pacifier. I’m not an artist, but I tried to make the baby look like it was in the middle of a sleep smile. Here it is.

lactatinggirl mock up2


5 thoughts on “Variation of Lactating Girl

  1. This is “super!” I couldn’t resist the adjective – sorry! Anway, I LOVE this! it is such a unique avatar/emblem/etc. It totally rocks!

  2. Wow! She’s…um…Perky!

    Though thinking about it, Lactating Girl wouldn’t look good in A’s

    • I specifically wanted her to be er… “perky” as you say… because she is Lactating Girl. Breastfeeding makes for tig bitties!

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