Blueberry Pancakes and Bananas

I’ve decided to continue to post pictures of our baby-led weaning experience. This post is blueberry pancakes and bananas! Yum!


I cut the banana in half and then into fourths long ways. They were kind of difficult to pick up, but once she got the banana in her mouth she was happy!


Since this, I’ve decided to start taking her diaper completely off when she eats foods that seem like they’ll be messy. This works especially well for us because we’re doing part-time elimination communication. Luckily the blueberry came out of her gDiaper.


Of course she always gets food all over her face. It’s so cute!

She also swallowed a blueberry whole (they were cooked, so she didn’t choke) and I expected to see it later (if you know what I mean), but over a week later I didn’t see anything that resembled a blueberry. I know, TMI.


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