Various Baby-led Weaning Pictures

This is a compilation of various baby-led weaning photos I’ve taken because Peanut is just so dang cute. Each one will have a little explanation to hopefully help out other baby-led weaners (teehee weaners) as they start out. Yay!


We had strawberry oatmeal for breakfast a few days after starting baby-led weaning. Since we haven’t tried out spoons yet, I figured she could just eat it with her hands. She didn’t understand and just smacked the oatmeal. It was pretty amusing.


This is a classic example of “the face.” When trying new things (this time is turkey, ham, and kiwi for lunch), she makes this disgusted look like Oh my god what’s in my mouth?!? My mother-in-law seemed offended at first when she made this face while eating her cooking, but I’m convinced the face is nothing but humor. What convinces me of this? When she makes this disgusted face, she continues to eat the same thing that made her make the face.


Rice has been interesting. We’ve always eaten traditional Japanese rice that bunches together because it’s so sticky. I figured this would be the perfect thing for Peanut. This time we paired it with steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. I figured that I could eat something slightly different, so I added shrimp and soy sauce to mine (soy sauce is a definite no for babies because salt content, but since this I’ve decided to let her have shrimp the next time I eat it because we have no history of shellfish allergies in our family). At the beginning, she wouldn’t even pay attention to her own. I’ve noticed that even if I’m eating the same thing but differently (like using a spoon and bowl for my cereal while hers in on her highchair tray), she wants mine. After she finally started paying attention to her own, she chomped on the vegetables and got the rice all stuck to herself, but I doubt any actually made it down her throat.


I decided to include this picture just to say that juicy fruits (in this case, apricots) should always be eaten naked.


She thoroughly enjoyed pineapple upside down cake, but I didn’t enjoy chucks of pineapple in her poo. I know, TMI.


And finally, ICE CREAM!!! Peanut LOVES ice cream. At first, I tried giving her little chucks to hold on to, but she didn’t want to pick them up (maybe because their cold?) so I just let her get it right off my cone. It was funny and gross and fun all at the same time. She looked like she was trying to latch onto the ice cream. It got everywhere. She loved it soooooo much. She kept diving for it whenever it was near her face. I was surprised that her shirt actually came clean in the wash. Figures the one time I decide that chocolate actually sounds good is when my baby gets covered in ice cream.

In regards to the foods that people are told their babies should avoid until their first year, we’ve decided to just avoid the ones we have family allergies of… which is nothing. The ones that are kind of allergies (my brother-in-law had some allergies when he was young that he grew out of, some distant relative got a rash when he ate strawberries, and my entire family doesn’t handle dairy very well) we’ve decided to just watch out. Thus far, we haven’t noticed any food making her grouchy, have upset tummy, weird poo, rashes, or anything of that sort. I have watched really closely when introducing the foods on the no-go list and even more so on the kind of family allergies.


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