Yogurt with a Spoon!!!

What? Baby-led weaners can eat from spoons?!?!?? I know, I was surprised too. Actually, this might sound ridiculous, but I thought that baby-led weaning=spoons are the devil. This becomes a problem when you realize that some foods are best left for spoons. I can’t say I’d be very happy if I had to eat my ice cream with my hands. Also, not to say that baby-led weaning is at all tidy, things that require spoons are much more messy without a spoon.

So, yogurt!


There is a difference between traditional spoon use and what we do. I do not stick the spoon in Peanut’s mouth. The spoon goes in front of her mouth and she chooses to (or not to) take the stuff off the spoon.


We like yogurt!


I decided to let Peanut use the spoon herself today.


Messy, but we know which end goes in the mouth!


It’s pretty similar to how we do water. The Baby-led Weaning book seems to say that we should just give her the cup and let her go at it, but she just kept tipping it over so I decided to try something different. First we did sippy cups, but I quickly realized that it was a completely different thing from drinking out of a real cup, so we gave up on those. I decided that helping her drink it would be the best. I hold it up to her and she drinks out of it. We’re ordering a Doidy cup online that I’m going to let her try herself now that she understands how water works.


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