One Year

IMG_8215 I wake up just before 7 am to a baby pinching my face. No husband to be seen because he fell asleep on the couch watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. We eat lunch with my in-laws and then hang out and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. I never thought this would be how my first wedding anniversary would be, but it’s oddly fantastic.

I decided this is the perfect opportunity to thank my husband. I know I complain at times, but he is truly awesome. I love you Curtis.

Thank you for bringing me stuff. This one will probably sound ridiculous to outsiders, but Curtis brings me everything ever ever ever and he doesn’t complain. While I was pregnant and didn’t want to get up you’d go to the kitchen and bring me a cookie. While I’m breastfeeding you bring me water. When I’m draped with a sleeping baby you bring me my book. While I’m trying to get Peanut to sleep in the room you bring me my phone. You literally run back and forth bringing me things constantly and I love you for it.

Thank you for sticking around. I know that we didn’t plan on getting pregnant so soon, but you were there for me and our baby 100%. You went to almost every prenatal appointment with me, Bradley Method classes every week for 3 months, and even caught Peanut on her way out. Thank you for rearranging your life for us.

Thank you for deal with me. I know that sounds over-dramatic, but I’m quite often over-dramatic. You deal with me and my craziness and you’re not afraid to tell me when I’m being crazy. You ground me.

Thank you for being the breadwinner. I know that you didn’t entirely agree with me being a stay at home mom at first, but I think you’re beginning to see the benefits and you realize how happy it makes me. Also, thank you for not complaining when I didn’t work for the second half of my pregnancy. A lot of other men would have been upset with me and wanted me to suck it up and get another job.

Thank you for being my advocate. Sometimes when I get timid and can’t defend myself, sometimes when our family questions our parenting choices, sometimes when friends get frustrated with me for leaving raids to go deal with the baby.

Thank you for watching Peanut while I went to school last semester. And thank you for not getting mad at me when I came home early because I missed her.

Thank you for cuddling with me when I really need a cuddle.

Thank you for not minding when I pause the show we’re watching for 20 minutes to get Peanut back to sleep.

Thank you for watching Desperate Housewives with me and even discussing it with me.

Thank you for watching Peanut sometimes so I can just take a nap.

Thank you for going with me to the grocery store when you don’t really want to.

Thank you for laughing even when my jokes aren’t very funny.

Thank you for realizing when I tell you to go away that I really don’t want you to.

Thank you for making me feel sexy.

Thank you for letting me dress you up every Halloween in a costume that matches mine.

Thank you for not yelling at me when I spend too much money.

Thank you for marrying me on such short notice and not caring what people think about it.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving our daughter. I love you so much that the thought of it makes me tear up. I never want to lose you. You are a fantastic husband and father. I love you Couris. Not only that, I like you.


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