Newsletter – 7 Months


It’s day 5 of The Cold War. You’ve been fussy and decided that sleep is obviously for the weak. If you don’t split gums or cough up blood soon, Mama is likely to drop a nuclear bomb.

Anywho, happy 7 months and YOU’RE CRAWLING! At exactly 6 months and 6 days, you took your infamous knee-moving-forward-in-the-right-pattern-ness. You’ve decided this newly acquired skill is perfect for chasing the dog around. She hates you. I don’t understand why you don’t realize this with all of the growling and the fact that She. Bit. You. I mean, those definitely are signs of pure infatuation and you should continue to chase her around the house. Silly Mommy, what was she thinking? Also, you’re fricking fast! Makes this whole keeping you away from the dog thing difficult.

Within days of the momentous discovery of crawling, you decided that was simply not enough. Standing! Yes, we must learn standing! The perfect place to learn this new skill? In the playpen that Mama was already considering moving down to the lower level. What does Mama do? Cheer and take pictures… until you front flipped out of the playpen and landed on your head. Yeah, sorry for the whole breaking your brain thing.

You started eating non-breastmilk food this month. It adds a total new level to the complicated-ness of our life, but it’s pretty awesome at the same time. You love blueberry pancakes, yogurt, and I can’t possibly forget ICE CREAM. The first time you had ice cream you got covered in it and started crying when it was all gone. That said, you’re a much messier baby now.

To end this as the most milestone-y newsletter ever, you figured out the stairs today. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but you crawled all the way up the stairs at Grandma and Grandpa Wilde’s house. Luckily, it seems like the stairs at home are slightly higher so hopefully you won’t figure those out for a couple more days. Climbing stairs wears you out though. I think I might make you do it every night before bed.

Love you Peanut,



4 thoughts on “Newsletter – 7 Months

  1. Claire you are so adorable! This is such a cute idea, writing newsletter to Dea, she will love looking back and reading them (I’m sure you’ll love it to)! Keep it up! I learn so much from you every time you make a new post!

    • Thanks! I wish I would have been better about the newsletters when she was younger. I think I did 2 in the first 4-5 months of her life. It makes me sad because so much was happening back then!

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