Newsletter – 8 Months

Hello Little Miss Toothless,

Yeah, you’re severely lacking in the teeth department. Other moms say I’m lucky, but all I feel is worry. I was reading on the internet that delayed teeth can be normal, or it can be a sign of hypothyroidism or rickets. Your Grandma Fay has hyperthyroidism and you’re not receiving vitamin D supplements. That said, mama is a little worried. So we start the countdown of one month until your next pediatrician appointment where I will bring it up. Hurry up and make an appearance teeth!

A month after learning to climb up the stairs, you finally mastered down. This whole delayed learning thing was very inconvenient when you thought you could just sit down to stop climbing the stairs and fell off—3 times! Luckily, you were only on the first stair all three times. Unluckily, you cry like you just got hit by a car whenever you feel any pain.

Now this next little tidbit is pretty important so pay attention. Peanut, you need to realize that nighttime is for sleeping. A couple months ago, we finally got it figured out that it’s a good thing to go to sleep at night, even though Oh. My. God. I’m. Missing. Events. Ah! After finally figuring that part out and getting back into our routine, you’ve decided that you can make up missing things in the night by waking up before the rooster crows. Don’t get me wrong, Mama doesn’t need to sleep in until noon, but 7am would be nice. So, remember, night time is for sleep. I have a feeling you are your father’s daughter in that department.

Finally, I would like to go over the exaggerated goodness which is walking. I know, right now it seems so cool to let go of whatever you may be leaning on for balance. I know it’s what all of the popular kids are doing, but it’s really not worth it. First it’s this fun new thing and everyone cheers—hey, you can even chase the dog better—but then you fall on your ass and run into things and bump your head. Just know that it’s not worth it. Don’t cave into the peer pressure. I don’t want to be talking about how I had this lovely daughter that was doing so well and then she started walking straight into a downhill spiral and is now a crack whore next newsletter. Kthnx.

Much love,



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