Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Banana

Warning! Do not try this at home without a change of clothes. Or you could try it naked for that matter, but it’s getting cold outside so we’re going to have to get out of the habit of naked eating.

Bananas are great for baby-led weaning. It’s something easy, quick (to give to them quickly, not quick including clean-up), and Peanut loves them. There are a few tips and tricks we’ve stumbled into.


The firmer, the better.

Especially in the beginning, bananas are difficult to handle. The Baby-led Weaning book suggests that you peel the banana down a bit, cut off the hanging skin, and give that to the baby. We tried this approach, but Peanut just chomped on the end with the skin on it. So I just try to buy firm bananas, then she can hold on a bit better while eating them.


Bigger pieces=less waste.

I just take the banana and break it in half for Peanut. We buy organic, so you might need to do thirds for conventionally grown bananas. Once the banana gets to the point that it’s the size of her fist, she usually discards it.


Be ready for mess.

Yeah, I know, all baby-led weaning foods are messy, but this one really takes the cake. I thought that bananas would be relatively low on the mess scale—they’re white, I eat them without mess, etc. Oh boy was I wrong. Bananas get everywhere and once they’re on there, they’re stuck. I have to rub Peanut’s skin pretty vigorously to get the banana off. Plan on cleaning bits of banana off for the rest of the day.

Random tip: For some reason, everyone wants to bring the washing to the baby. I mean, it’s natural to go wet a paper towel and them bring it to the baby to clean them off. This angers Peanut like no other. I’ve figured out that she’s less upset if I just take her over to the kitchen sink and wash her up there. This might be because we’re doing elimination communication and we wash Peanut’s hands every time after we potty.


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