Breastfeeding Photos

We finally had family photos done for the first time since Peanut was born (I know, I’m a horrible mom) and I made sure to get some of Peanut breastfeeding. The same photographer that did our wedding did these photos in the same park we were married in.

Playing one of our nursing games where she sticks her fingers in my mouth and I chomp on them and say nom nom nom.

We almost caught her smiling!

I am also happy to announce that I have taken the plunge and posted the first two of these photos on Facebook. Honestly, one of my biggest hurdles was that I thought  my husband would be upset because he had said in the past (prior to me breastfeeding in public without a cover) that he didn’t want other men possibly seeing my breasts. When I asked him he was entirely apathetic, which I decided was the go ahead. If he doesn’t care, I shouldn’t care! We should all practice what we preach!

Remember that December 27th is the day to change your Facebook profile picture to a picture of breastfeeding.


13 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Photos

  1. I really enjoyed these photos. Although I’m super modest and just haven’t had the courage to nurse sans cover, I love looking at photos of brave women like yourself. Very beautiful! -Kristi @TweetingMama

  2. Thanks for this post! I was pretty shy about nursing without a cover when my first baby was born, but now that he’s 2.5 and I have another little one, I’m all about being out and proud with the breastfeeding 🙂 I think it’s great to set an example for other parents, and to show that nursing is normal and healthy! Love your blog.

  3. Such beautiful photos! I too am a huge breadfeeding advocate and like you, I will breastfeed my hungry baby whenever and wherever necessary with or without my cover. Just yesterday, I had to nurse my lovely baby boy at Kohl’s while standing in the huge line waiting to check out. 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I’m def going to take more breastfeeding photo this time around.

  5. I love it! Kairi and I play the chomp and nom on fingers game too. She loves touching my face while nursing. Everyone said that nursing is so much more bonding than feeding with a bottle – and when I bottle fed my first I didn’t believe it. Now, I totally get it.

    And good for you for posting your pics on Facebook! I’ve recently had issues with talking about bf on Facebook ( and chronicle my most recent issues, if you’re interested) so to me, that is an incredibly courageous step in the right direction!

    Thanks for posting! – Erin @babybeatnik

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  8. These are gorgeous! I’m glad we’ve also taken breastfeeding photos, but we haven’t gotten any professional ones. Good for you for asking!

    I totally forgot to change my Facebook picture this year. Oops!

  9. Aww, how beautiful! I play that same game with my son and he thinks it’s hilarious. I plan on having some family pics taken soon and definitely plan to include some nursing shots!

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