Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Quick Snacks

I’m sure that many moms have the dilemma of trying to find quick, easy, and healthy things to feed their kiddos. With the added problem of worrying about salt content, baby-led weaning moms have an extra dilemma. Times when you need a quick snack you can just pull out of your bag, times when you’re eating something not appropriate for the babe—there will always be times when you need something for the kiddo.

My mother-in-law found these things called Baby Mum Mums which are pretty good for a quick snack. They’re not really something you can toss in the bag because they break easily, but they’re preservative free and pretty simple. Mild, few ingredients, easy to eat. I quite often use these to entertain Peanut while I’m trying to prepare our real dinner.

Cheese—with stipulations. First off, you have to decide what you’re doing with your baby and dairy. Some moms don’t give them any dairy until they’re a year old. I, personally, give her non-milk dairy. I’m not particularly concerned with allergies because we have no family history of food allergies. Though I try not to give her too much dairy because one time she had a ton of yogurt and she had an obvious stomach ache. Secondly, cheese sometimes has a pretty high salt content. So yet again, don’t give them too much. It’s great for cutting in sticks and easy for gumming.

Lunch meat. Since we don’t do iron supplements, I try to give Peanut as much iron as I can. Also be wary of the salt content on this one. I also give her tofurkey slices.

Apples. These are by far my favorite thing to give Peanut for a quick snack. I can throw them in a tupperware in the bag and they’re good to eat all day. I have an apple slicer so it’s incredibly easy for me. They’re clean. And of course there’s no salt problem. Yay fresh fruit! Considering how often she eats apples, I’m amazed I don’t have a picture of her eating one. I’ll probably come back and post one soon.


3 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Quick Snacks

  1. Green pepper sticks are a favorite here, as are chunks of cantaloupe. Barley teething biscuits occasionally step in, too. And tomato slices if you’re not avoiding those. And cheerios if not avoiding all wheat.

    Although just now I am trying to stop DS from eating the door stop. Any idea what the nutritional content of THAT is?

  2. All right, we have a 2-and-a-half-year-old, but I’m still stealing these ideas. Thanks! We always need quick, easy-chew snacks to give him, because he never wants to sit down and eat meals in any organized fashion.

    I wanted to give an idea from our repertoire, and I can only think of a weird one: frozen sweet potato fries. Our son loves french fries, so we got the sweet potato variety, but he’s often too impatient to wait 20 minutes for them to cook. But he’ll happily dip them, still frozen, in ketchup and chow down! 🙂 They’re still pretty soft to eat and don’t make much of a mess (especially if you skip the ketchup — but he loves “dip”).

    Laura: Our son is always messing with the door stop, too! What’s up with that? 🙂

    • I hadn’t even thought of sweet potatoes! Do you just buy a bag of frozen ones? If so, do they have much salt? I could even just peel and cut some sweet potatoes. She loooooooves steamed veggies.

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