Healthy Living Saturdays: I Want To Eat Healthy

After trying Weight Watchers for a few days, I quit. No, it’s not that I don’t want to lose weight, but I feel like I need more of an emphasis on healthy living. I don’t want to eat low-fat cheese and milk, I don’t think that a diet soda is more healthy than a regular soda, and I think that eating out on occasion (yes, even fast food) is a horrible thing. Everything in moderation is my new motto.

I’m still keeping track of what I eat. I’m not going to write down exact measurements and calories of each item, but I’m keeping it in my mind all day. I don’t think that a food diary is something that I could do long term and this is all about the long term. I’m just working to be more conscious of what I eat. When I go to a diner and get a sandwich with fries, I’ll tell myself later that night that I don’t need ice cream. That kind of thing. Portion control is another thing I need to work on.

I’m also trying to exercise daily. I live too sedentary of a lifestyle. So I will work to do something every day, whether it be jogging a mile, vacuuming the house, or even doing the dirty (teehee, I know TMI), I will try to do something that works up a sweat every single day. I’m currently letting Curtis sleep in, but after he wakes up he gets to watch a Peanut so I can go jog.

Starting Weight: 163 lbs

Current Weight: 160 lbs šŸ˜€


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