Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Product Review

I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to publish it because we took Peanut to after-hours care after she vomited. Luckily, she’s fine.

About a month ago my husband and I were wandering around Babies R Us and looking at toys when we stumbled upon this device.

I immediately turn to my husband and say “This is ridiculous! Yet another stupid thing people buy for their kids that they don’t need!” Then I realized that it might actually be really neat. It always kind of grosses me out that Peanut is eating off of tables at restaurants that are wiped down by those washcloths that aren’t changed often (I used to wait tables before I had Peanut), but I’m sure that if we tried to give her a plate she would just throw it off. Perfect solution? We decided to give it a try.

Yes, it is the perfect solution! When Peanut drops things they don’t go to the floor! At home since we put a table cloth under her it’s no big deal to pick it back up and give it to her, but out and about I don’t want to give her food off those floors (once again, I was a waitress). She even picks up the food out of it!

This is the first day we used it!

“Look, there’s a Barbara O in there. NOM!”

I am truly amazed at how much easier going out to eat is with this thing. It even rolls up so you can easily stick it in your bag! There is one kink in the design though.

There are suction cups on the three “lips” of the mat. These suction cups are awesome and somehow stay put while still being easy to take off when you want to. The problem comes in the number of them. The side lips have three suction cups like this:

This is a great design, but for some reason they didn’t do it with the top lip—it only has one suction cup. I don’t know what brainiac said “hey, we can cut 20 cents per mat in production if we eliminate these two cups” or something along those lines, but they should be fired. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s pretty frustrating that the top lip is constantly trying to roll up. We can’t even put anything on it to make it go flat because Peanut can reach it (just barely).

Even with this annoying flaw, this mat is awesome. It’s BPA free and easy to wash. I definitely recommend it.


One thought on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Product Review

  1. We are also doing BLW and bought this mat a few weeks ago. I agree that it is one of those rare things that is really useful!

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