Healthy Living Saturdays: Spot Training

Sorry to break it to you, but spot training doesn’t work. What is “spot training” you say? It’s when those late night infomercials try to tell you that their product will make you lose weight specifically in your midsection. Or this new product I just saw on the TV that sends jolts into your tummy and supposedly gives you fantastic abs without working out. Really, I feel bad to be the one to give you this news (don’t kill the messenger).

What does work? Burning fat in general. Numerous studies have shown that you can’t just work on your butt to get fantastic buns. Even tennis pros (who generally have a dominant arm) don’t have less fat/more muscle in one arm than the other.

Sure, you can do weight lifting to get more defined in certain areas, but none of it will work until you get that layer of fat already sitting there off. So if you want those fantastic abs, you’re going to have to do more than 5000 crunches. Maybe go run a mile first?

Starting Weight: 163 lbs

Current Weight: 158 lbs (again)


2 thoughts on “Healthy Living Saturdays: Spot Training

  1. I will say, something that LOOKS LIKE spot training- working the small hip and shoulder muscles for example- can actually be very useful if those muscles are weak, bc that weakness can lead to injury if you try to work out w/o building those smaller supporting muscles… take it from me who has had injuries with both and has had to do pretty extensive physical therapy for both! So don’t knock the leg raises! 🙂

    • Leg raises are great, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that if you want to lose weight in your hips, you can’t just do leg raises. You have to work out everywhere and lose weight everywhere. 😛

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