Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Spoons

With certain foods, spoons just make sense. Yogurt, ice cream, apple sauce, etc. all work much better with a spoon. For over a month, Peanut has been eating yogurt nearly every day with a spoon. We do it differently than traditional spoon-feeding, but I still control the spoon (she just controls where her mouth goes).

The other day while we were having some yogurt at lunch, it dawned on me that Peanut might be old enough now to handle the spoon herself. We decided to try it out and it was messy, but she used that spoon like it was second nature. I probably could have tried giving it to her sooner.

She did eventually decide to play with the spoon…

And she did eventually decide that biting the spoon was pretty cool…

And she did get very messy…

But it’s really cool that she can use a spoon all by herself now! She makes sure to suck every little bit of yogurt off and she doesn’t wine for more the second she swallows. It’s also really neat that she has the coordination to get the spoon in her mouth with very few misses.

I would suggest that moms with younger babies start trying to give them the spoon to handle themselves earlier. I’m guessing Peanut probably could have done it by herself over a month ago if I would have thought about it. Even if they don’t get it quite yet (as was the case with Peanut when I first tried to let her handle the spoon a few months ago), it’s still a nice learning experience and the only downside is cleanup. Go spoons!


7 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Spoons

  1. I don’t know how old Peanut is, but our son started using a fork at nine months, stabbing the food and eating it (wasn’t a pro at it or anything, even now at 19 months, he does half utensil, half fingers). But he loved it! The sooner they learn, the sooner they can master it (though again, I think general motor skills development has a play in it, too).

    • She’s 11 months old. We haven’t tried to give her a fork. For some reason it just barely occurred to me to give her a spoon because I’m so used to her just eating with her hands.

  2. My daughter had yogurt for breakfast and has been using a spoon of her own since the beginning. And she still gets herself all messy. I think a lot of it is that her appetite has grown a lot in the past couple of months and she’s just not patient!

  3. i’ve been loading up Nana’s spoon and giving it to her from the beginning…our ideas of messy are different…you’d probably think Nana is COVERED in yogurt compared to Peanut

    • Oh believe me, she can get much messier. She was eating lemon rice last night and got impatient because the spoon took extra effort and obviously wasn’t getting the food in her mouth fast enough (hehe). She picked up the whole plate and started licking it off. It got everywhere, but it was funny. 😛

  4. I gotta give my baby a spoon more often too- he is just a week or two younger than your adorable Peanut! Keep the Baby-Led Weaning Wednesdays coming!

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