Newsletter — 11 Months

Hello Miss Dea,

You are one crazy walker! You have decided to officially change from a crawling baby to a walking toddler. At the beginning of this month you would only walk when coaxed into doing it, but now you use walking as your main mode of transportation.

Not only do you walk, but you want to walk everywhere. When we’re going out to the car, you want to walk out the door and through the garage. When we’re in the store, you want to walk over and take a skirt off the rack and then walk around the store with it while Mama tries to explain it’s not the right size, then you scream when I put it back. You’re Walky McWalker from Walksville.

Oh, the screaming. You are a champ in the tantrum throwing department. You throw yourself backwards and just screeeeeeam. When you don’t want to be picked up, when you don’t want something taken away, when something isn’t going exactly right… you screeeeeeeeam. It’s definitely made life more interesting around here.

My favorite thing you’ve been doing this month is mimicking. When I say “bye bye” you say “bu-bu” and when I say “thank you” you say “di-da” and it makes me laugh every time. You’re not necessarily mimicking the actual sound more than the tone in my voice, but I count it as one step closer to talking.

Other random things you’ve figured out this month: squatting, standing up without holding onto something, sort of running (which immediately turns to falling down within a few seconds), you’ve signed back “more” a couple times and I think you did “all done” once, you started letting me put you in the playpen for about 15 minutes before getting angry (a big deal for Mama), you think putting away toys is fun, if I ask you “can I have that?” you’ll give me what’s ever in your hand and even things out of your mouth. You’re really growing in leaps and bounds at this point.

I feel like you’ve turned into a little human—as opposed to a baby—this past month. What an awesome (and challenging, but mostly awesome) little human you’ve turned into.



Photo Credit: My Friend Alexis


5 thoughts on “Newsletter — 11 Months

  1. the time has come (my baby is 11 months also) to watch my swears when driving! Think I might post something about that right now.

  2. She’s gorgeous!! and walking so young. yikes! I’m scared of miss 9mths starting to do that.

    (jennjdewar from twitter)

  3. I love this post! It was so sweet, I got teary-eyed. It’s amazing how fast they grow, huh? Sounds like your little Peanut is on the move! My little one will be walking in a matter of weeks and I’m not ready. I already miss those days when she’d just lay there and smile at me. lol Before we know it, our girls will be starting kindergarten!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

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  5. Just email me if you WANT intructions of how to make chicken broth from boiling bones, I’m training as a chef and thats how I make all my stock 🙂 and I even boil it down and freeze it in ice cube trays, so I have my own “little cubes” packed with yum and nothing else hehhe

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