Sleepy Wrap Review

I’ve heard many moms say that if you’re only going to get one carrier, you should get a sling. I can see the convenience in one and I even made myself a Maya Wrap from the pattern on the website. I really, really wanted to like a sling, but for me, it was always the Sleepy Wrap.

Peanut has always been one of those babies that Has. To. Be. Held. ALWAYS. So when she was just under two weeks old, I dragged my postpartum self an hour away to go to a breastfeeding store called The Lactation Station. The lovely lady who owns the store (and is a lactation consultant who has many-a-times given me free advice may I add) explained all the carriers to me. I was immediately drawn to the Sleepy Wrap, but at the same time, horribly intimidated.

Tip #1: Have someone who knows the wrap show you in the beginning. They have wonderful tips online that I used multiple times in the beginning, but I don’t think I wouldn’t have figured it out (or it would have taken a lot more effort) without her physically putting it on me and Peanut into it.

The biggest reason why I love the Sleepy Wrap more than any sling is comfort. Slings make my shoulder hurt after a half hour. The Maya Wrap eventually makes both my shoulder and my hips hurt. I have literally—on many occasions—worn Peanut all day long in the Sleepy Wrap and it never hurts.

Tip #2: Breastfeeding in the Sleepy Wrap is difficult at first. To be more correct, breastfeeding is difficult at first. I got frustrated when I wanted to breastfeed her in it when she was just a couple months old and couldn’t figure it out. I think size plays a big part in the ease of breastfeeding in the wrap. Bouncing to get her down helps too.

I think holding her head up played a part in it. She has always had a strong neck, but there comes a point where she can hold her head up for long periods of time and not tire at all and that is where breastfeeding in the wrap suddenly got easy. Now I commonly breastfeed her while walking through the grocery store or the like.

As I said, I’ve had my Sleepy Wrap since Peanut was a newborn, but they were nice enough to send me an organic one for this review. I would definitely recommend spending the extra twenty dollars for the organic if only for the piece of mind. If your babe is anything like Peanut, you’ll be carrying them around in this constantly and their little baby skin will be touching the wrap all the time. Why not splurge a bit so you know that only the best is touching your bundle of joy? Also, I noticed that the organic Sleepy Wrap just feels softer. Softer = better for baby, right? lol

Tip #3: Dry on low heat! One thing I didn’t expect to notice with the organic versus non-organic is the elasticity. I think this has less to do with organic materials than the fact that I was drying my old wrap on normal in my dryer. With this new wrap, I’ve been drying it on a special mode that doesn’t actually heat, just blows air. Yes, it takes longer, but it’s worth it to preserve my wrap so I can use it with future children.

Have I talked you into getting one? I sure hope so, because I love it! And I have a coupon!! Use the code “Adventures” (get it, because I’m The Adventures of Lactating Girl?! hehe) at check-out on the Sleepy Wrap site and get 10% off your entire order! Yeah, I’m cool like that. I get you coupons and stuff. Coupon is valid until March 27th 2010.


10 thoughts on “Sleepy Wrap Review

  1. I love my sleepywrap. I was actually sad when my son got to the age where he wanted to walk instead of being carried. I recommend this wrap to everyone!

  2. I love wraps! I used the Ultimate Baby Wrap for my first daughter two years ago, and now I’ve got to dig it out again for the new one I’ve got coming in April. I wouldn’t mind trying out a new one, mine is a little stretched out because I was in college at the time and wore my daughter to and around campus every day. I’ll definitely check this one out!

    And thanks for coming by my blog! Hope to see you again and I’d love to hear some ideas from a girl gamer about what to post!

  3. I chose a sling with Stinky because I thought it would be easier to get her in and out and suck. After I watched you adjust Dea so easily though, I’ll definitely be getting one of these with #2.

  4. Great tips! My son always refused to tolerate a sling but insists on being carried constantly, so I’ve been trying to figure out a better way to carry him. I’ll have to try one of these!

  5. I love our Sleepywrap. My son is bigger now, so we have upgraded to a Boba softcarrier. I miss how tiny he was when I wore him in the Sleepywrap. Now, I have arms and legs dangling everywhere, I LOVE babywearing.

  6. I originally bought a Baby K’Tan sling, thinking it would be easier to use since it wasn’t one long piece of fabric. I was disappointed that it got saggy after just one or two uses, so thanks to you, I decided to try a Sleepy Wrap (hadn’t heard of them until I read this post awhile back).
    Just got my Sleepy Wrap today, so haven’t used it besides trying it on (and missed out on that promo code)…but I can tell I’m going to LOVE it. It fit MUCH better than the K’Tan sling. I love that it’s a custom fit. Great sling, thanks for reviewing it.

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