Review: Babble Tees

I always love it when I find cute little “adult” shirts for Peanut. I love making her look like a mini-adult!

Look at that concentration!

When I was looking for a Christmas gift for my friend Kevin, I stumbled upon the Babble Tees shop on Etsy. Not only did they have awesome shirts, but they worked with me to send the t-shirt to Kevin (who lives in Canada) even though PayPal didn’t want to. So when I was looking for shirts for Peanut, I went straight back to them!

They have tons of awesome geeky shirts like one that has all of the organs of the torso with lables. They also have one with the pi symbol (I wish they had an adult version because my husband loves the pi symbol). And look at this cool vintage squid!

So go to their store now and get 30% off your whole order until March 31st with the code “cheaptees” with no limit! ZOMG I think I’m going to go use the code myself right now!

Don’t forget to buy T-rex wearing bunny slippers!


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