Peanut’s Birthday: Part One

We have an extended “immediate family.” People such as my aunt and grandparents wouldn’t be counted in “immediate family” in normal circumstances, but because of living situations they are. So we decided to do a total of four celebrations of Peanut’s birthday. They weren’t big celebrations and it was only the “immediate family,” but it meant two very busy days for us.

Everyone has been asking for pictures from Peanut’s birthday (and my blog is a faux-baby book of sorts), but I figured four celebrations over two days would be one reeeeeeally long post. So I decided to do each celebration separate and have four total days of birthday photos. Yay? I hope so.

So here we go.

It’s a Peanut on a Peanut!

Daddy, Peanut, and I went to the zoo to celebrate her birthday. I wanted to do something to celebrate for our little family, but it’s kind of difficult to not include the in-laws when they’re right upstairs, so we decided to go to the zoo. There is no cake in this “party” and only one present that was bought right then and there, but we had a great time. We also bought a zoo membership so we can go back!

ZOMG Giraffe!

Scary Peanut!

Peanut ready to go home with her birthday gift she picked out herself.

Check back for part two tomorrow at noon!


5 thoughts on “Peanut’s Birthday: Part One

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