Peanut’s Birthday: Part Three

Just joining us? Check up on part one and two!

The next day was Sunday and while it wasn’t technically Peanut’s birthday anymore, we kept celebrating. We went to my parent’s house for lunch with Grandma Fay, Grandpa Randy, Great-Aunt Barbara, Uncle Andy, Uncle Cody, Auntie Rebekah, Daddy, Peanut, and me.

Peanut doing the “applause” sign while covered in gifts.

Violet the puppy is supposed to say Dea, but calls her Peanut instead.

Flapper on the beach?

A dress for every era? This one is definitely 70’s.

Enough with the pictures Mom, give me the camera!

You don’t have to show this one twice how to eat cake!


3 thoughts on “Peanut’s Birthday: Part Three

  1. I love the first top with the blue flowers! Someone has good taste. :p I bought that same shirt for my little one.

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