Cleaning House

We are in the process of packing up to move (hopefully we’ll close on the house by the end of the month!) and it’s not a new thing to me. This will be our fourth move in the last four years. It seems like every time we move, I use packing as an opportunity to start anew. Earlier today I finally packed away my maternity clothes when I’m over a year postpartum! Of course when we move in I’ll reorganize things and it will all look great, but within a few months of living in it, the house will be a cluttery mess.

I’m not a horribly disgusting person, but I tend to skip daily chores and I’m very, very cluttery. I often find myself clearing off random stuff from the table so we can actually eat on it and my desk is always a mess. The weird thing about my cluttery behavior is that I. Hate. Clutter. I am an incredibly organized person (mentally rather than physically I guess) and I work best when I know exactly where everything is at. I find myself in a constant state of agitation because I can’t find Peanut’s shoes or my cell phone charger or a place to actually cook our dinner.

Every time we move I make a vow to keep the house cleaner. I’ll keep dishes out of the sink! I’ll wash the mirrors weekly! I’ll actually clean the tub! And I’ll even put things where they belong! As I stated above, these goals are quickly brushed aside by my lovely friend called Life and my house turns into a mess again. I’m sure that this problem will be multiplied if anything this time around because it is the first time we’re moving with a child (let alone a toddler—honestly, who has a toddler and a clean house?).

So internets, I need your help. How do I possibly keep my house clean this time? There will be no purging and cleaning when we move again because this will be our first bought home and we plan on staying in it for at least five years. I want to be one of those people who just naturally keeps things clean. I want it to be part of my daily routine.

What do you do to keep your house clean? Maybe a daily to-do list of sorts? Any ideas are welcomed!


9 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. I am exactly like you. I wish I had advice. What I’m planning on doing (and have already started) is scaling back the number of things we actually own, so there is less clutter. Instead of stocking up on shampoos & body wash, I’m buying as we need it. I’m selling books & DVDs we don’t want. The one piece of advice that really helps me is to organize for how I live/work. As for the cleaning, I hope someone has a suggestion that clicks for me! I’m not a daily schedule-follower.

  2. I realize this is not helpful in the least… I just wanted to mention that I have moved nine times since October 2007, and have come to terms that I will never fully understand the joys of a clean home. I have stopped unpacking due to feeling as though I’m going to end up moving again.

    My current home is being purchased by the people I live with. Even knowing that I’ll be able to stay here longer than renting an apt doesn’t change how much I have unpacked.

    Anyway, my suggestion is to just get fully unpacked (unlike myself) and make sure everything has it’s home. It’ll be easier to keep things in their place when it all has a home.

    Good luck and congratulations on getting a home!

  3. I’m in the same boat..I’m in a tiny apt w/ way too much stuff & it’s just so cluttered..& I never stay on top of things either..I mean to, alas there’s always so much else to do it seems & w/ a LO under your feet..ugh ..

  4. The best thing with most things is clean as you go. Cooking? Wash the measuring cup right after you use it, wipe counters as spills or splatters happen, spot sweep the floor after something falls on the ground. If you clean as you go you will be able to clean faster without much extra time needed except for deeper cleaning and laundry. Of course the hardest part about this is getting into the habit of it.

  5. Once upon a time I had a very clean and organized house. And then I had a kid. She’s only seven months old! It’s not like she makes the messes! I just spend all my time taking care of her instead of cleaning.

    I’m with Paisley; the best way to keep clutter away is to get rid of it.

    Solution 2; Clutter drawers!
    I just bought a whole bunch of those cheap plastic drawers and put them in my bedroom. One drawer is for baby books, one drawer is for baby stuffed animals, one drawer is for medical stuff (nose suckers, thermometer, tissues, lotion, baby massage oil…) another drawer is for my papers (That is 90% of my clutter) and so on. AT the end of the day I just throw everything in their drawer and I’m done! I can find it when I need it and the room is clean!

  6. I’m just like you as far as clutter. I hate it, but it seems to generate in my wake. I think it is probably important to have a routine of what gets done each day, and what gets more serious attention once a week or so. I mean, if you know you have to actually clean something on a certain day, you’ll have to pick up the mess around it first, right?

  7. We live in a teeeeny tiny apartment, which somehow still gets pretty messy. My trick is having a place for everything. And if I don’t have a place for it, figure out a way to create a home for it. Your blog rocks, btw!

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