Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Sandwiches

It feels weird to continue with Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays because we’re technically at the age now that it’s not unusual to see other kids eating “table” foods. At the same time, Peanut is miles ahead of those kids. While they’re just figuring out that they are actually allowed to put their own food in their own mouth, Peanut is using utensils. While they’re eating easy things like o cereal and crackers, Peanut is eating mashed potatoes and steak. So to heck with the weirdness because we’re still learning here and it doesn’t stop just because she’s older.

So on to sandwiches.

It feels like we eat a lot of sandwiches lately. Maybe it’s because we’re always on the go? Maybe it’s because Mama is lazy and they’re easy? Either way, Peanut has an interesting time with sandwiches. If I hold the sandwich, she’ll take a bite. If I give her the sandwich, she takes it apart. Even if I put it into her hands like you would hold a sandwich, she still takes it apart. It’s pretty amusing.

Then she eats the individual parts.

Then she “explores” (i.e. squeezes) the lettuce.

And she still ends up throwing half of it on the floor.

Which brings me to a second point. My food-obsessed  -loving child has turned into a very, very, oh-my-god-how-does-she-still-grow?!? child. According to the internets, it’s a normal thing at this age. Still, I find myself lying awake at night trying to come up with ways to convince my child to eat some damn lettuce. Something about leafy greens is suddenly evil to her. Meat too. Weird, weird child.


7 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Sandwiches

  1. I have a friend whose 2 year old gave up meat for awhile, he just hated the texture. Daniel’s been having a lot of avocado pieces lately, and once he’s eaten enough that he’s only sort of hungry he loooooves squishing them in his hands (same with bananas). It makes a fun mess. He has just started trying to use utensils sometimes. He likes to grab the fat part of the spoon and just stick the other end into whatever it is, easier for him to hold, I guess. I haven’t let him try it as much as I would like because I always end up sitting him on my lap to feed him, I need to put him in his high chair and hand him a spoon.

    • Peanut wouldn’t eat avocado at all until she could use silverware. I think she did like that it was difficult to pick up.

      • our little monkey is learning to eat solids. she’s doing really well, but the one thing she absolutely HATES is avocado!

        she tries to grab the spoon, but definitely isn’t coordinated enough to feed herself with it yet!


  2. My 2 yo just started eating greens/salads. I think it can be a choking hazard if they are not cooked and they can’t chew them.

  3. Great shots! K2 LOVES leafy greens! She does not however like bread and meat…. Very frustrating to cook her a meal and her ask for a salad or oatmeal. Is she my daughter or what!

  4. OhMyGod – I’ve been freaking out the past couple of months, too, about how little solid food Peeper eats!

    I even posted about it on the forum, and was told that it’s pretty par for the course at this age. (She’s 18 months)

    I’m not really worried about nutrition, because she nurses so much, but was getting worried about habits, because it seemed like she was surviving on nothing but breastmilk and goldfish crackers!

    We’ve tried limiting the goldfish and stuff like that and also have figured out that she gets overwhelmed if there’s too much food on her tray – she’d prefer ONE piece of meat/cheese/whatever at a time. She’ll work and work to stab it with her fork, eat it, and then look to us to give her another!

    (As a result? coincidentally? who knows?) she is eating a lot more lately.

    “A lot more” for her is still tiny amounts, but if she takes 4 or 5 bites of meat or cheese at a time, rather than one or none, that’s progress from where we were a month ago.

    • My problem right now is that Peanut doesn’t like ANYTHING on her tray. Mama’s food is much better than hers. 😛

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