Newsletter — 13 and 14 Months

Hello Little Miss,

I realize that I totally skipped out on your newsletter last month and I apologize, but to be honest I just forgot. I was in the middle of my last semester for my Associates degrees and we were trying to find a house and really, Mama is just a forgetful person. I can picture you a few years from now lecturing me on how I need to write something down or else I’ll just forget it. You’re going to be a sassy little lady, I’m just sure of it.

Wait, what am I saying? You’re already a sassy little lady, aren’t you? You have everyone under your pinky with that cute smile and blowing your kisses. You shake your head “no” even when the answer is “yes” just because you can. Even other parents talk about your cuteness and even when you’re not around. Seriously, y0u’ve got the whole world under your spell and you are oh so aware of it.

When I think back to two months ago, I am honestly amazed at how much you’ve changed. You sign “more”, “milk”, “dog”, “book”, “yay”, and you even signed “blue” when we showed you the sign the other day. Do you know what “blue” means? Probably not, but you sure did sign it! You call dogs “daw” and say “ah!” when you’re in agreement. You probably have about five times more signs than words, but that’s perfectly okay with me.

You love spinning in circles and recently figured out how to spin all by yourself. When I start spinning you look at me with a look that says “Oh my god! I forgot I can do that!” and then you spin with determination until you inevitably fall down laughing.

You even kicked a ball today! On purpose! And you throw the ball for the dog. Really only about a foot away, but you certainly expect her to fetch it for you. I have a genius for a child. I am simply sure of it.

You “read” books on your own. The other day you accidentally had a book upside down and you realized it and flipped it right side up. You also point to the bunnies in the books when I ask you to and you’ll go get more books if I ask (or for that matter don’t ask) you to.

You’ve discovered the joy of temper tantrums. You color and mostly don’t try to eat the crayons anymore. You help me dress you. You think that brushing your teeth is fun. You love yogurt and grapes. Really, you’re just a little person now, aren’t you?

Aww… Miss Peanut is growing up so fast.




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