Maybe I Don’t Loathe Roses After All

I have ten rose bushes. Yes, Ten. Rose. Bushes. Ten separate bushes. Right after I graduated high school, my (future) husband and I rented a house with 4 friends. For some reason I took interest in caring for the yard that hadn’t been taken care of for ages. This included one very large rose bush that very badly needed pruning. I believe it took me two separate sessions to get that rose bush trimmed down to size and my hands were sad about it for a week.

Flash forward to now. I had noticed the rose bushes when we were looking at the house, but honestly didn’t really take much note of them. It was only after actually making an offer that I realized that this lady loooooved roses. It was my thorough plan to rip them all out the second I could because pruning them is such a pain. I thought to myself “I don’t even like roses, why would I put in all the effort to take care of them?” I’ve specifically said to my husband that he shouldn’t buy me roses because I don’t like them.

Then they bloomed.

Maybe I do like roses after all…


6 thoughts on “Maybe I Don’t Loathe Roses After All

  1. I bought some mini roses, but they started dieing in the pot. So I cut them back and they are growing again… Weird plants! Then again I grow leaves most times πŸ™‚

  2. our house came with a ton of roses too- except i’m a terrible gardener and i don’t prune them. they’re WILD and crazy but beautiful. i’m not sure what they were thinking when they filled the yard with pink and purple thorny plants, but hey, i’ll roll with it.

  3. We have several rose bushes in our yard too. I had never had any experience tending roses, but I think its been pretty easy. I just prune it as the roses die and then more come. I love it! And some garden gloves come in handy if you are doing more extensive pruning. Good luck with your roses! They will bloom all summer if you keep them pruned.

    • I’m hoping that having dealt with them before and not having a bush that hasn’t been trimmed in years will help. πŸ˜›

      When you say “keep them pruned and they’ll bloom all summer” what do you mean? Do you possibly have links?

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