Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Apples

Peanut started doing something very interesting over the last week—she now eats whole apples. I used to cut them into slices, but she won’t even eat those anymore. She must have a whole apple handed to her. It all started when I got out an apple to slice, but had to set it on the floor because there were various tools on the counters (because of the painting and what not). I grabbed the knife and went back for the apple and it was gone. She had already taken little bites out of it all over, so I just let her have it.

Now we have a routine down. I wash the apple, remove the stem and the sticker, and hand it to Peanut. She chops on it until she gets bored with it (when she’s not very hungry) or until I have to steal it back from her to cut the core out (when she is very hungry). Then of course, she finishes it. She ate a whole apple all by herself the other day. Every. Single. Bite. Amazing!

The only real downside to her eating apples like this is that if she decides she’s tired of it, she throws the whole thing on the ground. When it was just a slice, it was easier to throw that away (though the logic of such things is beyond me), but now that it’s the whole apple, I find myself trying to salvage it a lot more often. At the same time though, I feel like she’s suddenly that much more of a toddler and therefore less of a baby. While it’s cute and I love that she’s growing up, it also breaks my heart just a little bit. Aww.


3 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Apples

  1. I kinda love you after scrolling through your blog! 🙂 I think we have a lot in common (except I was never a party girl), but the whole geek thing and changed ideals thing… we got that. 😉 And breastfeeding! I breastfed my little monkey until she was 2 1/2… I miss it so much, too! I probably would have breastfed her longer if she wasn’t already nearly 35 pounds and over half my height. haha 🙂 We always teased about me having milkshakes or supermilk. 😉 Anyhow, you have a beautiful little girl who can really chow down on an apple (!!!) and I love that you are nursing past a year. Just keep going until you feel you’re ready or she feels she’s ready to stop. Yay for Stumble Upon! 🙂

  2. Adorable! She’s sure putting those teethies to the test, huh?
    just a tip though … babycenter listed apples on the Top Ten Foods that kids choke on. Small pieces can come off and get lodged in their airway… 🙂 I’m sure you watch her like a hawk when she’s eating her apples, but it’s just a good notice to anyone else who wants to give their little one an apple to chew on.

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