Newsletter — 15 Months

Hello Miss Dea,

You are 1.25 years old today! How exciting!

Most notably, this month you’ve moved into our first house. Sadly, Mama had to spend a lot of time away from you to paint said house. You did surprisingly well though. You were very happy to spend the day playing with your grandparents until Mommy showed up to nurse you, then you’d suddenly realize I was gone for the last few hours and get upset. Happily, we’re done with the painting and are now moved in (before and after pictures to come shortly for my blog readers).

You’ve also decided that crayons are for coloring rather than eating and your favorite thing is to climb up the stairs “like a big girl”—like at The Treehouse Museum where they have a shorter handrail. You’ve also figured out that you’re not allowed to do it at home or by yourself. You love books and are instant friends with anyone who will read one to you. The library is one of your favorite places too. You got your first haircut which was mostly just to get your bangs out of your eyes. You certainly look cute!

Mama has also started to let you watch TV. I know, I know, bad Mama. Honestly, I need something to entertain you so I can have a moment to myself (like right now while I’m blogging for instance). You still feel the need to sit on my lap and hit the keys every time I’m on the computer so if there isn’t some other way you can be entertained I never get on. I think that if we’re doing it in moderation it should be okay. I actually started letting you watch it a couple-few months ago, but you’ve just barely decided that it’s fun to do. You actually dance when I put on Yo Gabba Gabba. You just watch that and Signing Time (which is really more for me to learn new signs than for you it seems).

Speaking of signs, you’ve figured out how to mimic the signs that I’m doing. There are certain signs that you do by yourself to request things (look for an update on that soon too!) and other than that you’ll repeat just about any sign that I show you. You’ve also started calling cats “tat!” (it’s important to insert the excited voice there). And of course dogs are still called “dah!” too—even pictures of dogs. When we were at The Treehouse a couple weeks ago you pointed at the fire truck and absolutely screamed “dah!” and I looked at it puzzled because it wasn’t a dog, it was a firetruck. On closer inspection, there was a book that had a dog on it on the side of the firetruck!

Speaking of firetrucks…

Love, Mama


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