Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Turning Point

It seems as though we’ve come to a turning point in our Baby-led Weaning. From day one, I’ve been handing Peanut very large pieces of food so that she can take bites off. For a long time she didn’t even eat grapes because one time that they made her gag. Now that Peanut is a toddler, we have to cut things up for her so that she can try to eat them with a fork. Not only that, but she wants to pick up the small things. If you give her a plate of Chinese food, she’ll pick all the peas, carrots, and ham out of the ham fried rice and leave everything else.

It makes sense to me that she’s at this turning point. I realize that she still has the ability to choke (heck, we all do), but we’re past the really critical stage. She also wants to use her silverware. She used to dive into casseroles without hesitation and now she gets upset because her hands are messy. It all feels like very toddler behavior, but at the same time it feels almost as if I’m going against everything that Baby-led Weaning has taught me. I need to dig out the book again and read over the 1 year and older chapter(s). Maybe that’ll give me more insight to this.

We got some silverware from Ikea that looks like normal silverware, but smaller. She has some silverware made from corn, but it’s hard to stab things and I think she didn’t like it because it looked different. Peanut kept trying to steal my forks and it made me nervous that they were so sharp. This silverware is sharp enough to poke her food, but not so sharp as to poke herself.

Did you feel weird when you had to start cutting your Baby-led Weaner’s food? Any safety tips you’d like to share for older Baby-led Weaners?


3 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Wednesdays: Turning Point

  1. Peeper’s really getting into the silverware, here, and I’m finding myself cutting things in tiny bite-sized pieces for the first time, too. Feels weird.

    Also, sometimes, if I hold out a loaded spoon/fork, she’ll lean forward and take the food directly off of it, rather than taking the fork and putting it in her mouth.

    My reaction is to say, “No, you’re not supposed to do it that way!” but – oh yeah, if it’s what she WANTS, then it’s baby-led.

  2. If it’s something I would cut up for myself, I cut it up for her. I don’t just gnaw bites off my steak, so I cut bite-sized pieces for both of us. It’s gotten to the point that I just serve the whole family the same thing, prepared the same way. If I give her bites of my eggs, I fork off bite-sized pieces of eggs, same as what I would eat. I like eating my veggies chopped into bite-sized pieces, so that’s the way she gets them. I have yet to have to chop up her food because she wants it smaller than what we’re having. The closest I’ve come is turning 1 snack into 2 because she wants 1 for each hand, but that’s probably not all that different than chopping it all up to make her happy.

  3. I’ve been cutting up food from day 1. No purees just bite size pieces. If I didn’t she would put to big of a piece in her mouth and not be able to chew it. She’s been wanting to use silverwere since 12 months or so since her big sister does and so do we. I bring them out when I know she can actually pick up the food she’s eating with fork like eggs. Bite size food works for us!

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