Nursing at the Zoo

The Carnival of Nursing in Public is going on right now. I know, I know, I should have submitted a post for it. Lactating Girl of all people should submit a post! Life is so hectic right now with the new house and spending all of my Peanut-free time working on marketing for the Salt Lake City Breastfeeding Cafe (if you’re interested in participating in our two week carnival coming up soon, let me know!). Anyway, I figured I’d share a quick post about a recent experience of nursing in public.

This is Peanut nursing on the train at the Hogle Zoo. She was getting ansy while we were waiting for it to start, so I figured it was a perfect time to nurse! I thought she would stop once the train started going, but she just kept on nursing. Kind of sad that she only saw the right side of animals, but she didn’t seem to mind—she just kept on staring at the animals on the left and smiling. Wanna know what I’m happiest about with this picture? The fact that I know that right in front of me are a bunch of girls who we were with at the zoo (it was a birthday party) and they saw me nursing. I played my one little part in them being more comfortable with breastfeeding and hopefully doing it themselves one day. 😀


5 thoughts on “Nursing at the Zoo

  1. Awesome picture Claire! You both look beautiful (love your hair). I don’t think my babe would have nursed through the ride…good for her!

  2. You are so right!
    I am hoping to have some kind of event in the park for breastfeeding awareness. I’m hoping to get it all squared before WBW.
    You two are sooo beautiful.
    …and great pic!

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