My Biggest Advocate

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As many of you know, I am not nearly as outspoken in person as I am on the internet. Actually, I am embarrassingly shy and hate confrontation. When I get into arguments, even civilized ones, I instantly get hot in my cheeks and forget all of my points. I put my foot in my mouth constantly, I talk too much about nothing when I’m nervous, and I rarely speak in front of groups. I will never be a good public speaker and I’ve come to grips with that.

It makes me feel very conflicted about the topic of breastfeeding in public. I am constantly arguing with people on the internet when they shun breastfeeding in public. I am constantly encouraging other mothers to have the confidence to NIP. Yet, it is one of my biggest fears that someone will actually get upset about me nursing Peanut while out and about.

So when I read the line “Who or what makes it easy for you to nurse in public?” when we were coming up with and editing the list for the carnival, before I was even in blogging mode, I instantly thought of one person—my husband. My husband is confident and outspoke, yet still diplomatic and able to handle arguments with ease. I have always hoped that he would be there if I ever get confronted about nursing in public.

I am blessed to have a supportive husband. When I hear other moms talking about their husbands not being supportive of their breastfeeding, it just feels alien to me. I can even picture myself sitting there with my mouth agape out of shock. How can your husband not be supportive? How could I survive without my husband being supportive? Supportive isn’t even the best word—he is my biggest advocate. How could my breastfeeding relationship survive without that unconditional support?

It’s because breastfeeding has turned into something much bigger for him than I had expected. I figured he would go along with it because it’s what I wanted (and of course the fact that it’s cheap would make him all sorts of happy). I thought that he would passively endure. Maybe he would go as far as telling me that I have the strength to continue when I felt I wanted to quit. Yet somehow, he ended up feeling as strongly about it as I do. He is the one person in my physical world that I can tell the research to and he’ll listen with interest, I can speak of benefits without him taking offense, and I can breastfeed where ever I want knowing that if I’m not able to stand up for myself when someone speaks against me, he’ll gladly take that role.

It’s not just his protection that makes it easy for me to breastfeed in public. Even if he isn’t there if/when I get confronted, I feel him supporting me will help me to stand up for myself. Him having absolute confidence in me and agreeing with my stance 100% makes me realize I am not alone. I am not the only one who knows I have the right to breastfeed where ever, when ever, and how ever I want. I am not the only one who knows that this is just how babies eat. So hopefully, if the need arises, he won’t be the only one who can stand up for our daughter’s right to eat.


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5 thoughts on “My Biggest Advocate

  1. what an awesome advocate you have! it just solidifies that fathers do have such a HUGE role in breastfeeding, both by supporting their babies but also their partners!

  2. You’ve got a keeper! Fathers are tremendously important and most are extremely supportive and many aren’t given the credit they deserve. Good for you for sending out the kudos to him!

  3. This is such a great post! You describe our family’s nursing situation exactly. Knowing that my husband is on my team and has my back has given me the confidence to fight to breastfeed for almost 13 months already. I would have quit LONG ago without his support. It’s so nice to hear about another husband as fabulously supportive as mine.

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