Not Really Wordless Wednesday: First Breastfeeding Photo

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Yeah, yeah, I know I’m not supposed to put words on the Wordless Wednesday post. I’ve been getting a lot of photos for the Cafe’s Wordless Wednesday slideshow (thanks everyone BTW!) and a surprising amount of photos were moms breastfeeding within hours of birth. It made me start to wonder about the first photo I have of Peanut breastfeeding. Well here it is. No, she’s not exactly breastfeeding in the photo. This is when she was passed out “milk drunk” after breastfeeding. Yes, she’s laying her head on top of my boob.

When I took this photo, I thought it was so provocative. I wasn’t even sure if I should send it to my mother because “Oh my that’s the top of my boob in that photo!” It’s amazing how much I’ve changed over the last year and some change. I regret not taking more photos of Peanut breastfeeding when she was younger. I love the photos that we have now, but already those first few months are turning into a blur (I have some memory issues) and it makes tears well in my eyes thinking that I don’t have any photos to remember the early days of breastfeeding. I guess I’ll just have to make up for it with photos of her breastfeeding now.

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13 thoughts on “Not Really Wordless Wednesday: First Breastfeeding Photo

  1. Beautiful photo – I wish I had more of mine nursing, but I was so disorganized that I never seemed to have the camera ready. (And certainly wasn’t going to risk waking a baby sleeping that happily :)).

  2. It’s a shame. I have ZERO breastfeeding pictures. Zero. She’s 7 mos old so I could start…

  3. I’m so glad you introduced me to the Breastfeeding Carnival and asked if I would be interested in participating. I love it!!

    Such a adorable photo. I love when Ella drifts off to sleep as I nurse her down…

  4. I feel your pain…. I wish I had pictures in general of us nursing. I’ll have to make up for it with baby two… too bad I can’t go back in time and snap some.

    Super cute picture btw

  5. I, too, wish I had more pictures of my daughter nursing, I think I have about 1-2 of them. And so would love to have captured more. This is a sweet picture!

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  7. It’s never too late to start! I strong-arm my husband into taking them whenever I remember. 😉 It’s getting so he actually volunteers now! Clever man.

    That picture is sooo adorable, but I totally know what you mean. The first time I considered emailing some photos of me breastfeeding to my mom and dad (eek!), I just sat back and wondered, What will they think? It’s kind of funny, because now I do it all the time.

    This is such a wonderful carnival, and thanks for sharing that lovely nursing-zonked photo! I love it.

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