I Breastfeed For Me

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I didn’t even contemplate the benefits of breastfeeding when I was pregnant.

It was simply a fact of life that I would birth naturally, breastfeed, and do many other things which I quickly learned fell into the “attachment parenting” genre. Why wouldn’t I do the things that my body was made specifically to do?

Then the negative comments started.

Women telling me about how they wanted to give birth naturally, but it just hurt too badly. Women telling me about their cracked, blistered nipples. Women telling me about their low milk supplies. To me, all of these comments were implicitly (and actually sometimes explicitly) telling me that I would fail.

A little background here—I have trouble following through with things. I don’t consider myself flakey because I have full intentions to follow through with things at the time I commit to them. I just tend to talk myself out of things and make excuses not to finish what I have started. I am a quitter. I am also incredibly stubborn.

I took every one of these comments as a person attack (though I know that none of them were meant that way). Even from people that didn’t even know me, I took these comments as them telling me that I lack the ability to do what is best—or more correctly, what is biologically normal—for my child.

So parenting in my natural ways became something of a vendetta for me—the most so with breastfeeding.

By succeeding in breastfeeding, I was proving that I am so much more than anyone—especially including myself—thought I could ever be. I breastfeed to prove that I am able to do something 100% for someone else and devote myself entirely to it. Breastfeeding is helping me become the person that I have always wanted to me.

I breastfeed for me.


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